2005 Girls Softball Combines in Huntington Beach, CA - 10-15-5 - 8AM & 11AM
  Player Info          Speed Throws  Throws from RF to 2B
Last Name First Name Position Number Speed #1 Speed #2 Throw #1 Throw #2
Speed numbers represent throwing speed, in mph
Throws are from RF line, 85 feet away from 2B
Codes used for types of throws (use 3; e.g. C5B or A9L):
 C - On a clothesline
 A - On an arc
   1 - Toward bag on a fly
   5 - Toward bag on 2 hops or less
   9 - Toward bag on 3 or more hops
     B - Directly to bag
     H - High over bag
     L - To left of bag
     R - To right of bag